Hi, there. My name is John McIlrath … to introduce myself

I was recently appointed President of Tomaree Bridge Club and am certainly finding my way. Everything has changed with this Covid pandemic. With the new website that is envisaged here, in the embryo stages, we would need the support of all clubs in the area, Hunter Region. Yes, we are all volunteers, but it would be great if all clubs saw this as a way forward and wished to be part of a steering “committee”. I hope it is the beginning … of a new joint venture.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi John .. Good luck with your new venture in this format. One question I have is there any way that your system can handle entering without a partner or having someway of finding a partner. Many thanks Judy Payne


    1. Judy, finding a partner is / has / and always will be a burning question. This is something we need to look at for RealBridge. Any chance you are offering your services towards this? Also, have you ever taught beginners? Thanks John


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