Hunter GNOT Regional Final

On RealBridge – Sunday 17th October. Follow your club with RESULTS HERE. The Hunter Region has three (3) team continue onto the NATIONAL FINAL, later in November.

Table #Team – Club, # and Players
1Maitland 1 – Jim Fitz-Gerald, Ellie Fitz-Gerald, Beryl Manuel & Chris Van Wyk
2Maitland 2 – Ruth Perris, Kay Hale, Bob Cass & Diane Cass
3Maitland 3 – Bruce Atkinson, Jenny Swanson, Andrew Swanson & Robert Agland
4Hawks Nest 1 – Trish Thatcher, Jim Thatcher, Sam Kebby, Roy Song & Noelle Kebby
5Hawks Nest 2 – Leslie Falla , Chez Rands, Bea Treharne & Sue Matheson
6Toronto- Josephine Most, June Snedden, Ronnie Antill & Kerrie Stien
7Charlestown – John Stuart, Deanna Stuart, Sue McConnell & Hans Tiller
8Newcastle 1 – Greg Mayo, Sharon Mayo, Paul McGrath & Michael Simes
9Newcastle 2 – Chris Dibley, Michael Seldon, Wayne Smith & Ken Berry
10Newcastle 3 – Judy Atkins, Christine Chandler, James Leitch & Pravin Nahar
11Tomaree 1 – Sue McMahon, Judith Payne, Steve Miller & Bill Forbes
12Tomaree 2 – Kay Baguley, Bruce Baguley, Sue Grice & Chris Ledingham

Details of all NSW Regional sections can be found HERE.

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