ZONAL Country Teams Final

Our clubs are the Hunter Region Bridge Grouping of Clubs. There are 16 of us. Recently they took part in the Regional Country teams’ event. The top three teams now progress to the next stage being the Zonal Finals. Our zone is referred to as the “Other Metropolitan” which comprises three Regions – Hunter / Central Coast / Mountains.

This Friday 5th November sees the Zonal Country Teams Playoffs. There are three teams from both the Hunter and Central Coast and the Mountains have elected to not be represented. From the event the top TWO teams progress to the State and Country Teams Championship.

Join me in wishing our representatives, good luck in these endeavours at the virtual bridge table. This event is also being held on RealBridge.

Central Coast 1 – Jan Clarke, Di Coats, Chris Williams, Alan Bustany
Central Coast 2 – Jaan Oitmaa, Sylvia Foster, Barry Foster, Lorraine Lindsay
Central Coast 3 – Alfie Nation, Gwen White, Chris Hasemore, David Bowerman
Hunter 1 – Greg Mayo, Sharon Mayo, Michael Simes, Paul McGrath
Hunter 2 – Christine Chandler, Diana Ellis, Vincia Martin, Giles Martin
Hunter 3 – FBruce Baguley, Kay Baguley, Bill Forbes, Pat Pepper

Follow there progress here … http://www.nsw.bridgeaustralia.org/teamresults.asp?id=10908&umbid=452&iswide=y

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